From Stopping Your Water Leaks To Supplying Water For Life

IMG recently partnered with a charity called The Zambia Project and donated money to enable over 1,700 people in Zambia access clean water.

Thousands of people living in Western Zambia live without basic needs like clean water and medical care. There are thousands of orphans and 60% of children die before their fifth birthdays. Malnourishment is rife and life expectancy is 29 years. The Zambia Project are a Christian organisation who are dedicated to providing people with clean water, care for orphans and medical care.

With the help of our donation the villages of Kazauli, Nanganda, Nengwana, Sikwela and Siyombo now all have new and safe wells to access water from. Before the wells were dug the citizens of each village used hand dug wells (pictured) that produced dirty and unsafe water, making children and adults sick. Often they would need to walk for at least 2 hours to get access to this contaminated water, and many times they would return empty handed due to the shallow hand-dug wells drying up. Thanks to our donation these villages will not need to risk their lives daily just to gain access to the most basic of human needs – clean water.

We are very proud of every single one of our staff members who work tirelessly to provide a fantastic service to our customers (often engaging in selling or shipping products to fix their own pipelines or maintain their sites) and it is fitting that our hard work and energy can be turned into such a life-saving, vital pipeline for some of the most in need and vulnerable people in the world.

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