Aqua Stick

A product that will actually cure “under-water”.

Aqua-Stick is quite remarkable. Not only will it set in damp, wet or humid conditions but its formulation allows it to actually cure underwater. It will effect a repair in either fresh or salt water and onto almost all substances: fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass or plastic.


How does Aqua Stick work?
Aqua Stick is a two part epoxy which comes in a tube.
There is no complicated mixing procedure and Aqua Stick will always cure.
Aqua Stick requires no heat, simply mix and apply. Gone is the necessity to shut down and cover if welding is required. Downtime is kept to a minimum.

Key Features and Benefits of Aqua Stick?
Aqua-Stick is as permanent as you want it to be. Aqua-Stick’s compressive strength is an incredible 12,000 psi and once cured can be treated in the same way as the parent substrate in that it can be sanded, painted, drilled, filed, moulded and tapped.

Aqua-Stick will bond onto almost any surface: Metals, concrete, fibreglass, wood, ceramic, glass, plastics, tiling, etc.
Aqua-Stick will hold its shape and form. There is no need to shutter or support the repair whilst waiting for it to cure.
Once cured Aqua-Stick will not shrink or lose its original colour. It remains clean and white indefinitely.


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