Bond Aid

A remarkable epoxy fibreglass repair kit for all flat surface applications.

Worn and corroded flat surfaces need to be repaired even in situations where soldering and welding cannot be undertaken. These repairs are often necessary in difficult conditions such as damp, steam and condensation. Bond Aid offers a solution to these exact scenarios as well as many others.

Please see below MSDS Bond Aid Base & Bond Aid Hardener


How does Bond Aid  work?
Bond Aid consists of a powerful, rapid setting two part epoxy adhesive and a fibreglass support and strengthening cloth, supplied in a unique three pouch pack.

Simply remove the separating clip, mix the base and hardener and then open the third pouch and impregnate the cloth. place onto the repair area and twenty minutes later you have a solid, aggressively bonded, permanent

Key Features and Benefits of Bond Aid?
Unique “quick mix” package.
Sets in 20 minutes.
Shear strength up to 2,200 lbs.
Strong yet flexible.
Useful where soldering and welding are impractical.
No measuring out, always the correct mix.
Gap filling properties.

MSDS: Bond Aid Base

MSDS: Bond Aid Hardener


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