Copper Stick

Copper Stick is multi purpose repair product that is fast and easy to use.

Because of age, erosion and corrosion, all metal surfaces breakdown and pipes and joints leak. Welding, soldering or brazing are not always possible due to safety, accessibility or the presence of moisture. Copper Stick is the solution to these problems. A two pack, chemically curing repair system in a simple to use rod form.


How does Copper Stick work?
Copper Stick cures onto the metal surface in 4 minutes, even in damp conditions, to form a chemically inert repair. Copper Stick can be drilled, filed, sanded or over-painted to give the perfect finish.

Copper Stick is the ideal emergency repair material – simply tear off a piece from the handy rod and knead the two components together until a uniform colour is obtained. Mould by hand onto the pre-roughened area for an immediate, effective repair.

Key Features and Benefits of Copper Stick?
Copper stick can be used practically anywhere! Copper Stick will give an immediate repair on shafts, heaters, bearing housings, keyways, castings, pump casings, taps, trunking, downspouts and pipes (including plastic fittings), joints, elbows and sleeves. Because of its strength Copper Stick makes a superb grout or filler where fixing points have been lost.

Easy to use, no complicated measuring out or mixing.
Temperature resistance up to 150 C.
Rapid curing, immediate repair.
Can be sanded, tapped or drilled.
Extended shelf life.
Economic, 100% usable.
Excellent chemical resistance.


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