Uniwrap, the textured elastic strap used to wrap around pipes and contain emergency leaks. Uniwrap is a highly strengthened ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) strap textured to grip when wrapped round pipework, finishing with a velcro attachment to maintain the pressure. Uniwrap is able to be stretched to 6 times it’s original length and is used to create seals, even on leaks in the most difficult circumstances.


Uniwrap will seal pipework up to 8 bar and can be used on tees, elbows as well as straight runs. Uniwrap has been developed to be used in conjunction with all our epoxy stiks. By compressing the epoxy into live defects, it provides the mechanical force to overcome pressure whilst the epoxy cures, ensuring a seal to cracks, holes and leaks.

How does Uniwrap work?
Dependent on conditions, once the epoxy is cured the Uniwrap can be removed after the leak has been sealed and the area overwrapped with one of our composite repair wraps. Uniwrap can also be overwrapped with Cayman Rapid to create a long lasting repair.

Key Features and Benefits of Uniwrap?

Leak stopping on all pipe geometries
Use with epoxy sticks and Cayman Rapid.

Instant leak stopper.
Designed specifically for use with epoxy stiks
Fast deployment and lightweight
Reusable and adaptable
Provides both short and long term solutions.



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