Liquid Armour

Old and weather worn machinery and metal surfaces need restoration and re-coating at intervals to prolong their useful life and Liquid Armour is the perfect solution. An easy to use, single pack high build epoxy coating that can be applied by brush or roller to previously rusty surfaces.


Key Features and Benefits of Liquid Armour?
Liquid Armour has been specifically formulated to be simple to use whilst maintaining much of the superior performance associated with sophisticated two pack epoxies.

The main benefits of using Liquid Armour
Touch dry in 2 hours.
Will adhere to practically any surface.
No mixing, unlike most epoxy systems.
Designed for application to badly corroded surfaces.
Existing painted surfaces can be completely encapsulated.
Hard wearing durability, even in extreme conditions.
High resistance to most chemicals including oil, petrol, concentrated detergent, dilute acids and alkalis and corrosive gases.


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